Shaping Up

The past few weeks have been very busy.  Organizing, number-crunching, mass-crafting, all things I tend to be a slob about.  I am in for a crash-course in productivity as I realize a long-standing goal- to sell my made things on the internet.  For the past few years, I've found myself falling short of small creative goals.  I've designed Christmas cards and Valentines, but never made them.  I've made those cards, but never sent them!  I've built up quite a cache of designs, unsent things, and good intentions, and honestly, when laid out it seemed like half a business plan.  So I've finally gotten it all together and opened Ghost Wolf Goods!  I am currently selling cards, individually and in boxes, and these fun paper masks!  Each one is made by hand, by me, and they ship fully assembled and ready to wear.  

I personally spend a lot of time browsing Etsy, and there are many sellers I admire, both for their artistry, and their incredible reach and popularity.  Paper goods sellers like Amy Earles and Katharine Watson have been considerable inspiration, and textile artists Jenna Rose and Amelie Mancini make me want to go back to school and study printing.  Perhaps, someday, Ghost Wolf Goods will be that cool.  I'm working on it.

Visit my shop here.

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