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Spring Update

I moved to Los Angeles last summer!  I am now fully absorbed in graduate school, studying animation.  I am almost through my first year, I've finished my first short film, and I'm having a blast.

Though this part of the country has nothing resembling East coast seasons, I've been aching for spring and summer, and I cannot stop drawing rabbits and flowers and pink squiggles all over everything!

I've been very busy, and I've got quite a few projects on the horizon.  Since it's been so long since my last post, I thought I'd break the ice before going into detail about what I've been up to.  Here are some hints, and stay tuned.

Brought to you by: Flowers, magic, boobs, confetti, and the color pink.

new interests

photo 2.JPG

Spring seems to be here already in Portland- and I must admit, I feel a little cheated.  A whole winter without a snowstorm seems unfair.  A lot of exciting crafting has been going on since I last wrote.  The photo above is a shot of the wrong side of my current knitting project.  It's not a huge project, but I'll write about it when it's finished.

I've finally begun to explore quilting!  My sudden enthusiasm is largely due to the inspiring posts and photos on thecraftsessions.com but also to the realization upon reorganizing my studio that I shouldn't allow myself to purchase any more quilting cotton until I have attempted to actually make a quilt.  So attempt I shall!

And finally, I am getting close to actually opening my Etsy shop, which has been brewing for years.  I finally have a stock of goods to sell, and I will go about organizing myself over the next week or so- check back soon for some more news!