In the midst of reflective fantasy, a young woman's inner thoughts arouse a surreal exploration of sensuality, self-esteem, and deeply rooted fears.

Directed by Bronwyn Maloney
Animation and Sound by Bronwyn Maloney
with movement by Corina Dalzell
Produced at CalArts, 2016

\\ Screenings //
Anifilm, International Competition of Abstract and Non-Narrative Animations
GLAS Animation Festival, Sensual Animation
Slamdance, Animated Shorts
Tricky Women, Of Life and Love

Anim'est, International Student Competition
Ars Independent Festival, Black Horse of Animation Competition (World Premiere)
Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival, International Animated Shorts
ReAnimania, Graduation Films

"Bronwyn Maloney portrays the intensity of touch and orgasmic pleasure with pastel colors and the intangible pictures imagined the moment one closes one’s eyes. The editing pulsates to the rhythm of uneven breathing, speeding up together with the character’s growing satisfaction. Her animal side is unleashed in the ecstatic motions of her self-serving body. A rabbit – white and pure, but constantly in motion – becomes the symbol of her untamed sexuality."  - Ars Independent